Sunday, July 26, 2009


In the morning we painted more at El Fuerte. The kids were in school, and at their lunch break they all came out and wanted us to play soccer and jumprope with them. I had fun doing jumprope, they’re really good! I had a cool experience too. I was sweeping the big basketball court, when a lady and her daughter came and started sweeping too. Pretty soon there were a bunch of young men who had come to help shovel off all the dirt too. It was neat to see that our example of service inspires others to help in their own communities. Even though we can’t change all the worlds problems at once, and sometimes it seems like the little things we accomplished in two weeks don’t have a very big effect, when we perform small acts of service such as painting or cleaning we never know the effect it will have on other peoples attitude and outlook of life and service. In the afternoon I went with Lorena, the nurse, and some other kids to do health presentations in a rural town. While they did health presentations on hygiene and nutrition and exercise, I played with the kids. Afterwards the moms all got a hygiene kit.

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