Friday, July 3, 2009

Saturday (June 20)

Today we went on a tour of two tequila factories. Yep, I experienced one of the most important things important to the Mexican culture. First, we went to a factory that showed the “old way” of making tequila, they had horses that smooshed up the agave plant. It smelled quite horrible in the factory. They gave samples (ages 21 and older!) and cute little bottles of tequila and hats. I got a tequila hat. Then, we went to another factory. It was quite something! The factory and grounds were so beautiful, there were even stained glass windows in the factory. The owner who gave us the tour was so nice, there were 2 different bars where they gave us drinks and appetizer things. After this we went to a very nice restaurant for lunch. Most of the restaurants are not fully enclosed, this one had beautiful gardens.

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