Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday June 21

I went to and LDS branch with probably 12 other people. We ended up getting to the church an hour early, so we had our Sunday school lesson in english before Sacrament meeting. I had the opportunity to play the piano for this, then they asked me if I could play for Sacrament meeting too, and Bonnie lead the music. I was glad for the chance to be able to play the piano for these people who I don’t think normally sing with a piano. They sure can sing!! It was an amazing experience to hear these people sing their testimonies so strongly in a language I don’t even understand, but you could feel the spirit. The rest of the meeting I couldn’t understand, but the structure was familiar to me, and it’s nice to know the church is true wherever you are. They even had 5 confirmations done during the meeting!
Later we went to a HUGE market, they had absolutely everything you could ever imagine! What’s funny is that they sale american clothing brands, many at a much lower price. Some are fakes, and some are the real things. I saw a pair of Old Navy flip flops, the real things. They were the 2 for $5 kind, but were $10 each! I would never pay that much!
That evening we went to another party for us hosted by the Rotarians, but their families were there too. It was really fun, there was a big covered pavilion, basketball court and soccer field. The people there really are just the nicest people I’ve ever met.

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