Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Only in Mexico

Actually, I’m sure some of these things occur other places, but they were sure things I had never seen before.
- They put sliced up hotdogs on pizza and in scrambled eggs.
- Driving down some streets there were dogs just sitting on the roofs!
- I not sure there’s even speed limits there. It’s a nightmare driving there, let alone trying to cross some streets! Cars seem to follow no patterns. I still have no idea how they know which streets are one way and which ones aren’t. Some of the streets were pretty narrow, and with cars on both sides I wasn’t sure our bus would make it through!
- One of the days were doing social work stuff and so we were being driven by this lady in a big polygarig van. She stopped in front of a building to run in to go to the bathroom. We were just parked in the middle of the street, when a big dump truck came up. There was no way for him to get around, so both cars just stayed there until the lady came back and moved. It was just funny to be parked right in the middle of the rode. That wasn’t the only time she just stopped in the road!
- Most of the stop lights were hung horizontally instead of vertically.
- Toilet paper doesn’t go in the toilet. I figured this one out the first day.
- Another thing about driving- The cars pass each other all the time, often with 2 cars driving parallel in one lane with a 3rd right behind.
- Lots of the trees, especially in the Plaza, were cut into square shapes. It looked cool.

Flying to Guadalajara

On thursday June 18 we flew from Salt Lake City to Guadalajara, Mexico. It was about a 4 hour plane ride. When we got there we got onto the Amigo Bus (that's really what it's called), a big yellow school bus, and drove an hour to Ocotlan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting ready to leave...

This week a group of about 30 people will fly to Guadalajara, Mexico to spend almost two weeks doing humanitarian work. These people are comprised of the team leaders, mentors, professionals, and college and high school students. There are people from a vary wide range of backgrounds. Since November 08 the Mexico 2009 team has been getting ready for this trip! While there we are going to be doing physical therapy work, social work, construction projects, and microenterprise. Woohoo!